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Jacques LeBlanc


Jacques LeBlanc taught Architecture and Design for 35 years before retiring in 2007. He has been taking photographs of Long Island since the late 1960's and has always been attracted to documenting its towns and homes. Although known for his years of work in black and white photography, since retiring he has immersed himself in color and the process of merging painting, both digitally and traditionally, with a photograph.

"Today my work still starts with a photograph but it rarely seems to end there", LeBlanc stated. "Now they more often interpret rather than document and because of that they are often defined using terms most often associated with paintings. My goal is to produce a timeless, almost dreamlike look, similar to how a memory might appear." I want the viewer to walk away with is one of nostalgia."

Jacques has won numerous awards for his photography including Golf Photo of the Year from the International Golf Hall of Fame in 2012 and his work has been featured in numerous galleries throughout Long Island. "After my interview with Hamptons Magazine in 2016", Jacques added, "I was surprised at how much interest there was in my photography that had the added paint component. The hybrid was especially popular with historic homes and properties such as hotels,

B & B's and Inns. It was a great fit for me with my background in architecture and for them as well since they were looking for a new, fresh way to present their properties."

Jacques LeBlanc

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